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Lozier® Display Fixtures

Blazer Store Fixtures is proud to distribute Lozier® Display Fixtures. Lozier® has been a manufacturer of store fixtures since 1956. Combined with Blazer's outstanding customer service, and earnest desire to impress our customers, Lozier® and Blazer combine to be a leading distributor of retail store fixtures.

Lozier Products

Variety of Products and Services

Along with our inventory of New and Refurbished Lozier products, Blazer has a good selection of assorted hooks, hangers, and display vehicles for Slatwall and Gridwall fixtures. We work with our customers on installations and liquidation of fixtures, we buy used fixtures, and our network of display fixture suppliers can also be accessed to find you the right fixture for your display needs.

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Specialty Display

Using standard Lozier products, and adding specialty fixtures with wood or steel, Blazer Store Fixtures can create custom sections to display your specialty products for maximum impact.

Call on us to help turn Concepts into Reality


Blazer Store Fixtures

Since 1994, Blazer Store Fixtures has been providing quality new and refurbished product to our customers across Canada from our facility located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Whether you are looking for a standard new or used fixture(s), or a custom fixture with specific requirements, Blazer will work with you to get you what you want.

For Your Store

From standard Lozier brand steel shelving, peg hooks, slatwall accessories, costumers and clothing racks, to specialty shelving, laminated Slatwall styling, to installations and rental of our Gondola mover, Blazer offers a great variety of product and service options.

For your Shop, Office or Garage

Several excellent options are available for light or medium weight storage. Under our Lozier products page, check out options in our Widespan and S-Series product lists. For your back room, small warehouse, or even your garage or storage locker, we have several products that could be the solution your looking for.


  • Slatwall for permanent wall features or for use in free standing displays.
  • Gridwall for high visibility or for trade show displays
  • Garment racks, Hangers, Floor racks and Spinners - let us know what your looking for
  • Wood Displays, Showcases, Mannequins - a variety of used product in stock

Check the product sections above for our selection.