Refurbished Lozier

Blazer specializes in Lozier products, allowing our customers the option of new or refurbished Lozier product. This also provides us the ability to provide a blended option as well, meaning our customers often do not have to wait for factory shipments, or until we come across certain parts.
This also allows our customers the opportunity to trade in, upgrade, or add on to existing Lozier sections with a quality, price sensitive option.

Availability of refurbished varies. Not all sizes and parts are available all the time. We refurbish all the used parts we receive to ensure the quality of product going out represents our high standards.

Our refurbishing process includes:

  • cleaning and sorting - we won't sell you rusted or damaged shelving. We remove any tape or stickers to ensure a "like new" appearance
  • sanding - using high end tools, we sand the shelves to remove old paint, chips, and markings
  • repairing - we repair any broken welds, holes and major dents
  • painting - using a high quality urethane metal paint, and work closely with our paint supplier to provide a quality match to existing shelving, or to offer custom colours to work with your stores decor
  • Blazer Store Fixtures is proud of our quality refurbished product, and we guarantee you will be satisfied, or you can return the product for a full refund or replacement.